Monday, March 5, 2012

Down, Down, Down

I'd been hoping for a long while to get my mentor-cum-friend, Sarah Stanley, to blog-buddy with me, but always felt badly adding more static to her already very busy brain.  Thrilled that she was able to join me for The Descendants.  Enjoy. 

Sarah's Review of The Descendants

A woman is water-skiing. The screen cuts to black and the credits and music that will dog us through The Descendants starts up. The opening shot is both stark and nostalgic: the face of a woman expressing an irrepressible joy from living a reckless moment perfectly. It feels like it is being shot by a loved one, the lighting is not quite right, the white balance seems off, the angle odd, a little too intimate somehow.

Caitlins Review of The Descendants

Ice Cream Headache
a review by Caitlin Murphy

If ever you are watching a film, and a character gazes out his airplane window and claims, in voice over narration, that it makes sense he lives in Hawaii because his family is like an archipelago – you are probably not in very good cinematic hands.