Thursday, July 26, 2012

New (England) Found Passion

Joel is someone I've known peripherally through arts circles for some time, which I guess properly lands him in the category of a contemporary.  How rich!  Knowing he's a writer, a blogger, and a guy who generally likes to throw his opinions around, I sought him out as a buddy.  Though we meant to hit up Woody Allen's latest offering, due to scheduling we wandered into Wes Anderson's instead.   Enjoy!

Joel's Review of Moonrise Kingdom


joel fishbane

One day, some film class will study Moonrise Kingdom as the perfect representative of Wes Anderson’s oeuvre. Stylish and full of quirk, Anderson’s films feature wildly eccentric worlds that use absurdity as the window into the human condition. The results are usually varied. Style sometimes triumphs story in Anderson’s work and while the worlds are fun to visit, one doesn’t always want to stay for an extended period of time.

Caitlin's Review of Moonrise Kingdom

Ride on into Sunset
by Caitlin Murphy

It’s a testament to the iconic quality of Wes Anderson’s work that any filmmaker who even touches dysfunctional families, precocious children, or pasty, ineffectual adults, risks courting comparison.  Anderson’s got a patent on a particular brand of quirk, and he never strays too far from his bread and butter.  Though Moonrise Kingdom fits snugly in his library, it doesn’t quite earn its keep.